Fuck Yeah Criminal Minds!

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Elle Greenaway: He doesn’t derive any sadistic pleasure from these fantasies, they’re more like a compulsion.

Spencer Reid: A compulsion that’s literally life or death for him. I mean, if anyone interferes, he kills them. It’s like he’s compelled to direct these fantasies using these people as actors.

Derek Morgan: Actors on a stage. It’s a play.

Spencer Reid: It’s a psychodrama.

Jennifer Jareau: What’s that?

Spencer Reid: It’s a form of psychotherapy whereby actors serve as surrogates for actual people in the patient’s life.

Jason Gideon: Incorporates many elements of theater, including an audience.

Spencer Reid: There was a very famous pilot program at the San Louis Obispo county jail in the mid 90s.

Jennifer Jareau: Isn’t that just a couple of hours away from here?

Aaron Hotchner: Let’s go over the suspect list and see how many of them did time in San Louis Obispo.

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SSA Emily Prentiss 
➞ “The secret to getting away with lying is believing with all your heart. That goes for lying to yourself even more so than lying to another.”

                                                             ― Elizabeth Bear

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