Fuck Yeah Criminal Minds!

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Elle is back

Prentis is back!

I can’t wait for the look on Reid and Morgan’s face! Obviously the whole cast reaction is important but you know Reid will be adorably confused and Morgan will be a cunning mix of indignant rage and utter relief! 

ONE MORE DAY. Can you even stand it?

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Anonymous asked: Is your stream of random CM videos working or...?

Um… nope I guess not. I don’t run that stream, I found the link and posted it. Last time I had the time to use it was in March so I guess it’s not working anymore…

If anyone knows of another link like this one, please let us know!

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imstillfact-shesfiction-deactiv asked: Hi :) I'm trying to catch up with Criminal Minds before the new season starts and I'm currently on the third episode of the sixth season, the episode right after JJ leaves. I wanted your opinion on if I should just skip the majority of the season and jump right to the Emily-centric episodes ('Lauren'). Would there be any major plotlines that I would miss if I do that (because I heard the sixth season wasn't so great without JJ and very little Emily). What do you think?

Hey! Yeah that does seem like a good idea. If you like Agent Seaver (who was sort of the JJ replacement and will not be returning for season 7) than watch episodes 10, 11, 12 and 15 for her background story. If not, I can give you the basic summary of her character (wikipedia helps too! But then again, she isn’t coming back so it doesn’t really matter). You won’t miss anything if you start at Lauren, although in my opinion, episode 8 (Reflection of Desire) was one of the creepiest episodes of CM I’ve seen… it has a massive twist ending that gave me chills. Hope this helps :)